Senior Customer Success Manager - Logistics & Supply Chain SaaS

Job description

Do you want to be part of a rail freight revolution ? Do you like a bit of complexity in the projects you tackle ? Are you up for some cooperation with Senior Management of the world's top chemicals companies, making their day-to-day job a whole lot easier ? 

Well then, come join us and get on board for the ride of your life !

At Ovinto we provide a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that automates and modernizes rail & intermodal freight management for companies in the Chemical, Oil & Gas industries. Our software makes it really easy & user friendly to:

  • optimize & reduce manual input
  • optimize efficiency
  • increase safety
  • reduce costs

We are honored to work with renowned clients such such as Evonik, BASF, Ineos, Sabic and LyondellBasell. We take pride in the fact that all clients that have started using our SaaS, still use it to this day. Or to put it another way: our churn is 0 ! We are currently a team of 15 people strong and we plan to grow to 25 people by end of 2021

Your responsibilities

As our Senior Customer Success Manager, you are Ovinto's first and most important contact for your clients. You guide and support your clients as of the very first meeting, and for years after to come. Here's how that works: 

  • Together with your sales colleague, you carefully prepare and have the initial Demo meeting with key people at the client (Supply Chain Manager, Maintenance Manager, Purchasing Manager, Finance Manager, ...) . In this meeting you define together what 'use case' every key person wants to use Ovinto for (i.e. use cases such as reducing maintenance costs by optimizing maintenance planning, reducing the number of rail carts necessary, sending automated e-mails to our client's clients informing them of transport progress, ...). You define crystal clear targets for each of these use cases; i.e. by when should which parts of t solution be up & running. This is the starting point of the Ovinto Pilot, which on average takes 4 months. 
  • Then, in a Kick Off meeting, you sit together with the same key people to plan in detail how you are going to make the pilot, and al its use cases in it, happen. For us to set up our solution we need to have acces to certain databases, we need to know exactly what dashboards the client wants, etc. You get to delve as deep as possible into what the client wants and why they want it. 
  • As of the Kick Off meeting, you are the driving force behind the implementation of Ovinto at that client. Your number one goal is to make sure that all key people at the client are using Ovinto on a daily basis, and are loving it ! 
  • And it's exactly that that makes this job challenging, but also incredibly rewarding. You get to work very closely together with Senior Management within major companies, gettting a grip on what they exactly need to make their life at work easier. You'll get to convince people that have very little time to start using yet another tool, until they see the benefits in time gains and cost reduction we offer ! You'll clear out roadblocks together and in the process get to know your clients really, really well. You'll build amicable relationships with these people that will probably last the rest of your life.
  • You manage the pilot like a boss, using solid project management (planning, update meetings, solving issues together, ....), to ensure that we can deliver on the use cases we promised.  
  • Once the Pilot is a success, you keep on doing everything you can to keep your clients delighted with Ovinto, for years and years and years. We're going to keep that churn at 0 ! 
  • You cooperate intensely, not only with the client, but also our developers, sales and operations people, ... You feed back user feedback to your product team so that they can make Ovinto even more user friendly and effective for our clients.
  • You can spar with your colleagues in the Customer Success team, and you will report directly to the CEO
  • You will work at the Ovinto HQ in Aalter (Belgium)

Want to know if we'd fit with who you are ? Check out our DNA 

  • We live for our clients, we do everything we can to make them delighted with our product. 
  • We have a relentless focus on providing as much value as possible for all key people at our clients. 
  • We make heads turn at our clients because of our implementation speed and our top product quality.
  • We work hard and play hard, but we realize that there's more to life than work alone. 
  • We take initiative & get stuff done.
  • We work in a methodical and structured way.  
  • We respectfully speak our mind. We don't hold back feedback even if it can confront others. 
  • We don't take ourselves too seriously :)

What we offer

  • A job in which you can build a broad and deep expertise in rail freight supply chain processes, together with a variety of world-class companies that are leaders in their field.  
  • An opportunity to grow together with a dynamic SaaS company. Our goals are realistic, but ambitious: in 5 years time, we want grow our portfolio from 12 at the moment, to having Europe's top 100 Chemical companies and the top 100 Oil & Gas companies in our portfolio. 
  • A job in wich you can impact the sustainability of our planet; supporting the rail freight sector, one of the most sustainable transport modes.
  • a salary and benefits package that is very competitive in the market (including a company car, mobile phone subscription, hospitalisation & group insurance, ...) 
  • No more traffic jams on your way to work ! We recently moved to our brand new HQ in Aalter, well connected by road and rail, between Brugge & Gent.
  • And last but not least: being welcomed by a jolly gang of enthusiastic people with a mission to change the freight world for the better ! 

Job requirements

Are you all hyped up after reading this job post ? Then you probably tick the boxes below :) : 

  • SaaS enthusiast : ideally you already have a solid experience in supporting high touch clients using a SaaS solution (Software as a Service). You don't have SaaS experience but think it'd be a great challenge to learn all about it ? Come on over !
  • In any case you have at least 3 years of work experience, handling internal and/or external clients
  • Supply chain afficionado: You have a field day when you can spend your time on tackling logistics issues. You hold a bachelors degree or higher (or experience equivalent to this degree), ideally in the field of supply chain.
  • Cooperative: you are a born cooperator; you can listen to people like no other, you're not afraid to keep asking questions and you can convince others in an assertive but diplomatic way. 
  • Inquisitive: you're really curious to understand what clients want. 
  • Analytical problem solver: you love analyzing problems in detail and solving them in cooperation with others. You can think out of the box when doing so.
  • Goal focused: you love setting goals and doing everything necessary to achieve those goals. 
  • Project Manager: you can manage projects in a structured, methodical & persistent way.
  • In for a laugh: we are serious when we need to, and we have fun whenever we can ! Say hello to laughing your ass off during lunch breaks, crazy company outings to festivals (it's high time for Covid to be gone), and a golf simulator at the office every now and then :).  
  • Fluent in English, both spoken and written. Bonus points if you can get by in German and French (often our client's native languages). A lot of us have Dutch as native language, but don't let that hold you back ! :)

Questions ? 

Give us a shout at and we'll be with you as soon as possible.